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Little pops of color can make a bland outfit fun. Pair this bright necklace with a white t-shirt and some jeans for a comfy, fashionable day outfit!

A lot can change in a small amount of time. Its kind of funny. One minute your life can be one way, and then in another moment it can be completely different. My life keeps changing to fast for me to keep up with. Adapting to new environments, people, change in general, has never been particularly difficult for me until recently. I think I’ve changed as a person. I thought I as growing but now I’m starting to think I’ve actually regressed instead of progressed. I’m having trouble being alone. I’m having a lot of self esteem issues. Problems figuring out the kind of person I want t be. I guess these are all pretty typical troubles of a twenty something. I just thought they wee supposed to get better before they got worse. All I can do for now is stay positive I suppose, and work on me and all that bullshit. Sometimes I feel like my life is like a montage of happy moments, life looking up, everything going well and then its horribly interrupted by some harsh reality that puts me into a downward spiral until I pick myself up and then the whole thing happens again on repeat. My life is upsidedown. I’m just hoping this is the year I can finally put all the pieces together. I’m quitting my terrible job today. I don’t know if I’m scared or excited about it. Kind of both I guess. My asshole Italian boss is going to be a complete Italian asshole about it. I’m hoping I can go in there courageously with conviction and say “I’m not respecting you as an employer because you don’t respect me as an employee. I quit. Caio motherfuckeer.” but its probably not gonna be like that…

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